Why Not A Collaborative Global Initiative?

Why Not A Collaborative Global Initiative?

We live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Humanity faces global environmental, economic and human-based challenges of all kinds. Lasting solutions to these challenges require effective communication and learning across perspectives, cultures and sectors.

At CGI, we believe humans are by nature collaborative.

When people work together, allowing space to capture collective wisdom, we achieve great things. Forward thinking people and communities recognize the need for widespread collaboration. They will need a unique toolkit to collaboratively navigate the future of increasing complexity and diversity.
CGI provides the tools that organizations require to excel and make creative change in a diverse and globalized world. We customize solutions for collaboration that transcend organizational departments, cultures and differing levels of education and socio-economic status. The system that results will maximize effective, fair and lasting relationships between sectors and stakeholders.
CGI’s collaborative approach is itself born out of collaboration. Our associated consultants are connected through a vibrant global community of practice. We are leading experts on mediation, facilitation, training, process design, multi-party dispute resolution, and collaborative problem solving. Our network brings a blend of community-based approaches with national and international experience. We understand conflict issues from multiple perspectives and support parties to access a range of good practices when seeking solutions. We can work with any scale and complexity of conflict.
CGI’s skills, interests and over-all strategy, leads us to focus on multi-stakeholder public-policy questions. We have extensive experience working with resource extraction industries, indigenous communities, and complex multi-party environmental issues. We will support you and your organization as you face similar challenges. Our approach is particularly effective for large projects where trade-offs must be made to balance environmental, economic, social and cultural interests.
CGI works with organizations and communities to develop the capacity to turn challenges into opportunities; everyone involved becomes more effective and agile. Our clients take away the collaborative skills, tools and systems needed to transcend inefficiencies and succeed in a global economy. At CGI we believe the way of the future is paved with the ability to make collaboration a lived experience. We use visual, auditory and kinesthetic tools in our collaborative mediation, facilitation, and negotiation practice. CGI can also provide one on one coaching and training to help you, our clients, excel. We empower you to face complex problems, create mutually beneficial solutions and to enact change together through the use of simple interfaces and plain language.

Together, Duncan Autrey, Kathy Porter, Charalee Graydon, Sarah Daitch and David B. Savage are building the Collaborative Global Inititiative (CGI).

We welcome your thoughts and challenges. How might you and CGI collaborate? Leave me a comment below or email me!


collaborative global initiative

Collaborative Global Initiative (CGI) is based on the philosophy that companies and organizations today must work together more effectively to achieve long-term support for the often complex challenges both leaders and individuals face. CGI gets things done by using a model of consensus to build strong networks in a cooperative environment. Our expertise in collaborative leadership and innovative decision tools is grounded in the depth and breadth of our personal experience. We are leaders in the practice of mediation, negotiation, communication and dispute resolution services; giving you the tools to find the best solutions possible.



Jeffrey M. Cohen, Esq.       Mediator

Albany, New York

The #1 reason to collaborate is to create from a group of individuals, a “collective consciousness”, whose pooled wisdom and creativity is synthesized into a shared goal.

#1 Reason Collaboration Fails:

Collaboration fails when individuals refuse to subordinate their self-interests to the collective consciousness of the group. Refusal to give up one’s “turf” is counterproductive to achieving a group’s shared vision.

Jan Boydol

Calgary, Alberta

When you lead from the heart instead of the head, you are naturally in a collaborate state of mind and emitting heart energy.

That heart energy becomes contagious to those people with whom you are dealing, be they work associates, business associates, fellow Board members, family members, friends, adversaries.

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David B Savage

David B Savage