I coach leaders through complex challenges to turn them into significant opportunities!

Organizations and leaders face increasingly complex challenges with team conflict, disengagement, misalignment, and performance.

The Cost; What are poor communication, conflict, misunderstanding, limiting perspectives, misalignment of your people, lost productivity, wasted time, and wasted resources costing you? 

The Challenges; We help you navigate past increasing challenges in staffing, engagement, accountability and transitioning.

The Opportunity; This must change to create and capture real value. Let’s move forward now.

We serve organizations and professionals who are committed to:

  • Developing their communication, collaboration, and business skills
  • Bringing leading-edge negotiation practices to their challenges
  • Creating transformational collaborative organizations
  • Enhancing the way professionals work together
  • Supporting and mentoring future leaders in their growth
  • Encouraging business and personal growth,
  • Providing dispute resolution, and
  • Clarifying your purpose, shared value and optimal profit streams.
Cheryl and David


David B. Savage brings expertise, experience, and leadership including oil and gas, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, stakeholder engagement, business development, coaching, and conflict management. David has over 47 years of experience. David is a certified facilitator, negotiator, coach, and provider of the Enneagram and 9 Domains for organizations. He offers a 360 Collaborative Leadership and Team Assessment. David has published seven books and fifty podcasts in the Break Through To Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration series, co-authored Ready Aim Excel: 52 Leadership Lessons and Let’s Talk: A Handbook for Company to Company Dispute Resolution. david@davidbsavage.com

Cheryl A. Crich brings strong leadership, facilitation, and analytical skills with proficiency in project development, management, supervision, continuous quality improvement, and education. Cheryl has expertise working with multidisciplinary teams, excellent communication skills with a commitment to continuous learning, skilled at motivating and maximizing potential in others. Cheryl’s has over 44 years of diverse experience in private and public healthcare, education, and organizational and personal wellness. cheryl@davidbsavage.com 

We bring in significant additional resources and advisors on a project specific basis. See https://www.davidbsavage.com/our-services/ for more. 

A sample program for clients;

  1. Interviews and Assessment
  2. Design with executive then managers
  3. Team and individual commitments and accountabilities
  4. Team insights and education 
  5. Individual coaching
  6. Targeting significant improvement in
    1. Complexity and change 
    2. Communication gaps, challenges, opportunities, progress
    3. Understanding people, teams, and tendencies 
    4. Collaborative leadership
    5. Execution of strategies and action plans
    6. Ongoing interactions, effective team management and celebrating success</span
  • Assessment and recommendations
David B Savage

David B Savage