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Negotiation Mastery (pdf)

Negotiation done well is our pathway to realizing our dreams.

We negotiate every day at work, at home and with ourselves. Yet, most of the time we try to defer negotiations and avoid conflict. The costs are significant;

  • Lost self-esteem,
  • Lost opportunity,
  • Lost value,
  • Lost relationships,
  • Lost organizations,
  • Lost communities, and
  • Lost families.

Frequently, David B. Savage is asked to help organizations and leaders to resolve a conflict that results when we defer negotiations and fail to embrace conflict. Conflict is opportunity. Negotiations realize our interests.

“David, we need your help. We need you to tell them they are wrong.” This is not the way to negotiate or resolve conflict.

David has committed his life to getting the right people, in the right places, with the right systems and right resources to collaborate, innovate and figure out challenges together is the best way. And, if that is not possible, then guiding the parties to the right people, principles, processes, and systems to ensure everyone’s interests are heard and considered is the goal.

Contact David to discuss your situation and how he may guide you in negotiations and conflict resolution.  Once we receive your email, David will contact you and send you his Negotiation Success Checklist.

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