Nine Domains and Enneagram

Savage provides keynotes, workshops, and circles on the Enneagram and 9 Domains for organizations, teams, and individuals that provide insight as to how we may understand, connect, learn and succeed far more profoundly together. A “must” for leaders and negotiators.

9 Domains

9 Domains is an assessment, interventions, and development to bring teams and organizations to higher performance. The focus in 9 Domains is on the functioning and characteristics of the team/ organization, not on the individual.

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Building Organization Levels and Domains

  1. Assess team and needs and objectives
  2. Introduce team to Enneagram
  3. Insights into self and others
  4. Introduce team to 9 Domains and Levels of Functioning for Teams and Organizations
  5. Individuals take TOLAT survey
  6. Review results and interpretation
  7. Decide on interventions and practices to provide team pathways
  8. Engage and shift team
  9. Results and accountability
    1. “A high performance team encourages healthy dissent and debate to get the outcome right.” – David Savage

The Enneagram

The focus in the Enneagram is on the functioning and characteristics of the individual (not the team/ organization). Through insights into my tendencies and those of the key people in my personal and professional life, I can create far greater relationships and outcomes.

The Enneagram Provides Real Insights

  1. 9 personality types/tendencies
  2. Each having 9 levels of functioning
  3. With a direction on integration/under stress
  4. With a direction of integration/for growth
  5. Instincts: Social, Intimate, Self Preservation
  6. Triads – what we need to understand
  7. Harmonics – our tendencies under stress or in conflict

Enneagram for Negotiators

Experience the insights of the Enneagram and 9 Domains: contact us via email to find out about events near you and coaching for change.

“Our judgment of the world and those around us is simply a reflection of ourselves. Learn to see others to transform and enhance business relationships.” – David Savage

David B Savage

David B Savage