360-Degree Assessments

Why Complete an Assessment?

Reasons for Your Organization to Complete a Savage SVI Collaborative Leadership and Team Development 360 Assessment

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Reason 1: Your people want to get better!

Do your employees want to improve? Of course! If not, they probably shouldn’t be on your team. Leadership is responsible for helping develop people. Most leaders get that. But it doesn’t hurt to occasionally look around and ask, “We want to fix the problem, right?” Problems call for solutions. Get agreement on this simple premise so the question immediately shifts from “Should we?” to “How should we?”

Reason 2: This Collaborative Leadership 360 Gives Your People Powerful Insight

A 360-degree assessment gives us great insight, and lots of it. Tom might not recognize his strengths and weaknesses, but we can be certain that his team does! A 360 highlights leadership trends and patterns to help your people understand their next move, much like leaders look at trends and insights to determine an organization’s path to success. A 360 leads to magical, light-bulb moments that spur the development and growth of leaders.

Reason 3: This Collaborative Leadership 360 is Simple and Inexpensive

We’ve never met a leadership team that doesn’t love solving problems for cheap. Your leadership wants the same, and a 360 fits the bill. It’s very inexpensive compared with other approaches. And when done correctly, it doesn’t chew up a lot of time. A typical 360 rollout to 10 participants can take right around 28 total organizational hours. That includes setup, communication, time for all raters to provide feedback, coaching sessions – the whole kit and caboodle.

Sample Collaborative Leadership 360 Assessment questions:

Connectivity – We acknowledge and bring in the parts of the system so that the whole system is considered and participating in the process of change and collaboration

Responsivity – We are agile, ready and able to respond to shifts taking place in the process of collaboration and change

Engagement – We are involved in and seek to involve our clients in the process of change at the levels of collaboration and empowerment

Accountability – We acknowledge and commit to our roles and the impacts that we have

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