Have you experienced poorly designed collaboration? Often business leaders need to solve pressing questions, like;

  • how do I deal with a political or power-driven agendas on my team?
  • how do I get my team to stop being negative and help me to solve these challenges?
  • how do I foster new ideas that translate into actual implemented steps?
  • how do I clarify the purpose of effective collaboration?

We set ourselves up for failure when we make common collaboration mistakes, but you don’t need to!

Design purpose and results in your collaboration with this provoking 35-question assessment.

By dedicating your organization to development over time and as challenges and opportunities evolve and arise, you will be more agile, resilient, innovative, focused, accountable, and successful. Your organization will, naturally, seek to bring all the right resources available inside and outside your organization, at the right time and with the right processes to maximise your probability of success. Developing your culture of collaboration is unique to your organization. There is no magic formula. There is commitment to working together better in every way to serve your shareholders/ stakeholders, team, community and environment. How you engage is far more predictive of success than on what you engage. A more in-depth assessment is available for clients.  Let’s talk.

David B Savage

David B Savage