"David is a brilliant leader who is the expert when it comes to understanding the power of collaboration and creating an open culture/ open door environment for all.

His ability to share information, target the needs of the audience, and engage their perspective was seamless. He not only shared ideas for action but had us create intentions based on the learning we took in. His authentic voice combined with insight on how to navigate the murky waters made a huge impact.

Looking forward to the launch of your new book!"

- Denise Baril, Founder, Workplace Speaker Network

“David is a passionate coach and speaker, who is committed to helping others learn how to skilfully negotiate. He does exactly that from a wealth of experience and inner knowing. Plus, he’s a rare professional speaker who knows how to really listen, a sign of a skilled master of negotiation.”

- Patricia Morgan, MA, President Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Calgary Chapter

Negotiation Master Circles

“I want to say thank you for facilitating an amazing discourse at our company. Most of us received great insights both personally and as members of the organization.”

- Richardson

“Savage’s approach to negotiation and conflict resolution is an inside-out approach. He doesn’t offer tools about how to respond to workplace conflict or role play to negotiate a settlement. Instead, Savage encourages participants to examine what they bring to every dialogue and to understand that in order to negotiate any deal or resolve any conflict; you need to understand your own strengths, your own biases and your own boundaries.”

- Tanya Laing Gahr, author

"...no matter that you have read the book, done the work, and think you've got it right, there is something for every negotiator at any stage of their development in this group. We work together, we all win some and learn some and you set the stage and gain tools for your own success. While learning in the mastery group I was immersed at a late stage in a vastly complex multi-million dollar negotiation which was stalled....we found respectful, profitable resolution in weeks and I credit much of the success to the shift in awareness I achieved through my group."

- Jacquie Currie, oil and gas negotiator

"David Savage does an exceptional job at defining the need, deciding what needs to be done through consultation and coaching and wraps it all up using practical and theory-based approaches to achieve practical results. David particularly excels at creating participatory, win-win structures that allow everyone, from entry level to the most seasoned participant to win.

We would recommend his approach to building strength through communication and on to negotiation mastery to any individual or organization."

- Scott and Raeleen Manjak, City of Cranbrook

Working with Dave in the negotiation mastery circle and the associated coaching sessions helped me confirm what was most important to me in a major business negotiation that I was in the midst of. Two key items – preparation and “remaining present in the moment” allowed me to create an outcome that was financially favorable and more importantly addressed my other interests that had been identified through the sessions with Dave.

- Pat Forrest, oil and gas negotiator

Coaching, Consulting & Facilitation

“David is an exceptional facilitator. My most recent experiences relate to the very successful introduction of ADR into a formal process at the Alberta Energy & Utilities Board where I was a Board Member and sponsor of this initiative. I observed the win-win and consensus-based approach that Dave used to work with ourselves as the regulator, his industry colleagues and other public stakeholders. Subsequently, Dave took up the challenge to achieve a similar product for company to company industry disputes labeled as C2C. Both of these 2 initiatives improved the regulatory environment in a fair responsible manner.”

- Arden Berg , Chief Operating Officer

“David Savage is deeply insightful and highly intuitive. He is a skilled and highly regarded practitioner with a strong sense of ethics and values. He has a profound commitment to personal and organizational transformation and can be counted on to be honest, resourceful and supportive. I recommend him highly.”

- Ken Cloke, Founder Mediators Beyond Borders

“David Savage is an extraordinary and gifted facilitator. He is a professional coach who serves on the board of directors for the Global Negotiation Insight Institute. In that capacity, I have observed his unusual talent in managing difficult situations, stressful conversations, and groups in crisis. He is someone that can be trusted and relied upon to do an outstanding job, whenever called upon.”

- Ron Supancic, President

“David continues to be instrumental in assisting me with preparations to strategize and formalize for hyper-growth within my business. His gentle wisdom and willing sensitivity toward prioritizing and serving the energy of my work, and not just the logistics of it, testifies to both his abilities and integrity.”

- Tracey L. Sisson, entrepreneur

“Incisive, sensitive, and directive, Dave has a way of taking you where you wanted to go, even when you weren't sure that you wanted to get there. He is present for you, to you, and with you, and out of this powerful alliance, great changes occur.”

- Daphne Kingma, author

“Dave has an incredible gift for identifying the issue at hand and asking the “hard” questions that really make me think about the decision that is personally relevant. His ability to guide our discussions has allowed me to discover solutions by acting as a sounding board and championing my potential.”

- Donna Phillips, Vice President

“An amazing facilitator who dances in the moment”. “Flawless intuition, informed passion and creative empathy combined to enrich us individually and as a team.” “A groundbreaking experience. The many “aha” moments we had in the sessions combined with the skills you gave us have been transformational.”

- Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut, Leadership Team

Negotiation Quotes

“Negotiation mastery is not about hard-line positions or even winning specific deals. Negotiation mastery is about presence, connection and mutual exploration to create meaningful and sustainable success together. Such outcomes are those that may never have been believed possible before the negotiation commenced.”

- David B. Savage

“When the pressure is on and the stakes are high, if all you have learned is effective behaviour then those behaviours will fail you. If you cultivate qualities on the inside then you are actually able to demonstrate skilful behaviour when it really matters. That system (negotiating from your centre) integrates all the core faculties of human beings.”

- Erica Ariel Fox, GNII

“We negotiate at least 50% of our lives. If we were swimmers swimming with the support of a coach, we would be in the Olympics. Why aren’t we in the negotiation Olympics? Because when we swim, we tend to focus on improving our movement and efficiency. When we negotiate, we tend to focus only on the terms and conditions and the price. When we focus on the process, the underlying interest of the parties and how we are in negotiations, we can all be in the negotiation Olympics.

- Bill Ury, Getting to Yes and Power of a Positive No, Harvard

“All of us negotiate every day. From the moment we wake up until we close our eyes at night, we interact with others to get things done. For many of us, the hardest negotiations involve conflict. Whether we fight back, shut down, or avoid conflict altogether, breakdowns with other people rarely bring out our best skills or better nature. The most important negotiations, and the ones that determine the quality of our lives, are those we have with ourselves. Yet few of us are masters of our inner landscape.”

- Erica Ariel Fox, fellow GNII founder, Harvard

David B Savage

David B Savage