Turmoil, Change, Realization then Collaboration

Turmoil, Change, Realization then Collaboration

Turmoil, Change, Realization then Collaboration

Things are getting strange and the world is ready for change.

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  • What is in Break Through To Yes?
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” … a work that couldn’t be more timely. While it addresses organizational collaboration, this book could be interpreted more broadly as a treatise on building a cooperative culture within families, groups, businesses, and government. A valuable volume for the senior leader of any group, business, or organization who wants to build a collaborative culture.”
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What is Needed Now?

Brexit, Trump, protest, conflict, … increasing isolation and separation. Everywhere we look, there is frustration and anger. People simply want change.
With the results of the English vote to separate from the European Union, stocks markets have been pummelled, Prime Minister Cameron has stepped down, Opposition Leader Corbyn’s leadership is being challenged, Brexit Campaign leader Farage reportedly admits to deceit, Brits are calling for a new referendum (over 3.6 million signatures so far), the leaders of the EU are calling for immediate negotiations, Scotland is looking for a new separation referendum …. All of this is a foreseeable mess. We are in an age of emotional engagement, democratization and new leadership styles.
Countries, communities, companies and colleagues are all stressed and wanting change.

Conflict, misunderstanding, misalignment of organizations and their leadership, lost productivity, wasted time and wasted resources resulting from limiting perspectives, distraction and hard-line positions are damaging our today and our future.
We want change, we seek “heroes” like Trump, Farage and others. Yet, Trump, Brexit leaders and many others that we look to do not seem to have a strategy and plan to move to. They are great at engaging our anger and vote, yet how would they take us through these challenging times? “Nigel Farage, leader of the right-wing, Eurocentric UK Independence Party told reporters on Friday morning, just hours after the result of the vote was announced, that one of the main tenets of his platform was a lie. The substance of the lie was, according to many, the sole reason they voted to leave the EU despite the multiple consequences they knew the UK would face.” According to reports in the Telegraph and The Ring of Fire.

All this means distraction from purpose, lost productivity, lost opportunities to grow and prosper, and distracted leaders, workers and populations who no longer feel able to do good work.

Leaders, countries and organizations, however, can gain a key strategic advantage by avoiding all of this energy and revenue sapping negativity by working together to build a culture of collaboration.

I am a lifelong student of how to get the right people in the right place with the right information in the right mindset to figure out how to conquer challenges and solve conflicts together. I have invested my tens of thousands of hours (volunteer, association and corporate) to building awareness, capacity, round tables, organizations and success through working together.

Simply put, when we realize the pain and frustration that organizations and societies are increasingly stuck in and we will be more committed to be part of the profound evolution of how leaders develop their teams, networks and strategic advantages.


What is in Break Through To Yes?

Notice the shading behind 4 letters; EGOS, the shadow of collaboration. Thanks to Donna Hastings for her insight.

Break Through to Yes – Chapters at a Glance

  • The Future Depends on Collaboration
  • Top Four Requirements of Collaboration
  • The Discipline of Collaboration
  • Opening Ourselves, Our Organization and Our Systems
  • An Assessment for Your Organization
  • Centre of Excellence in Collaborative Leadership
  • The Ten Essential Steps to Collaboration
  • The Dichotomy of Leadership Styles: Collaborative vs. Commanding
  • The Hidden Costs of Collaboration
  • Break Through


My Ask of You

I ask you to help me to fight this fear based, hero led culture by building our collaborative leadership and networks. Here are two ways that you can help me;


Please write a review of Break Through To Yes on;

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Bestseller Buy Day:

I have gifted Break Through To Yes to the 100 people quoted in our book and the 46 people interviewed in our podcasts. I have gifted a further 100 to Not For Profits and individual leaders. I hope to have a “bestseller” to build our network and awareness.

I ask you and five of your friends or associates to purchase the
NEW Audible version of Break Through To Yes
specifically on Thursday June 30th.
For those that are not Audible subscribers yet, my book is a free download. With our busy schedules and travel/ commute time, I listen to three audio books each month. Thank you for reaching out to your global network to serve them and make Break Through To Yes a bestseller.

With organizations, communities and our world facing scarcity, fear, separation and increasing complexity, collaboration is the way we lead and provide fresh ideas and initiatives for our future. Here is one successful way.


Five Key Questions

5 Key Questions for you to consider when you wish to move your vision forward;

  1. Who are the people and what are the resources inside and outside your organization that you will access?
  2. How may you assess your readiness and gaps?
  3. How will you design your collaboration?
  4. What do you commit to?
  5. How do you choose to lead?

In collaboration and gratitude,

David B. Savage,


1-403-466-5577, david@davidbsavage.com

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