Why? My invitation to you.

Why? My invitation to you.

Leadership can connect the people within your organization, as well as  across the world, in ways that have not been possible until now.  Leadership   is also about connecting with self. Are your actions and communications in alignment with your values? What values does a collaborative leader hold? Are you in coherence between your head and your heart? Do you lead from your heart and your whole intelligence? Do you see your purpose as getting the right things done that serve the whole?

As a conscious leader, what is your answer to:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Who are we?

Take some time to think about this. Your answers, as they are expressed    in the moment, and as they evolve over time, inform your vision, purpose,  community, actions and relationships. These questions were front of mind as  a collaborative effort took shape among one hundred peers from around the world, who contributed their wisdom to Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration. Together we will take our aware- ness, curiosity and decisions to a much more profound and successful  level.

“Remind yourself that if you think you already understand how someone feels or what they are trying to say, it is a delusion. Remember a time when you were sure you were right and then discovered one little fact that changed everything. There is always more to learn.”

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen  

I have written this book:

  1. To evolve the discipline of working together
  2. As an invitation to understand and implement essential collaboration
  3. With a focus on the role and responsibilities of current and future leaders in organizations
  4. To provide leaders and managers with insights on when and how to collaborate
  5. With a series of short chapters that can be easily read by busy people on
    1. What is not working in our relationships, and why
    2. How to know (assessments and tips provided)
    3. Stories that offer a vision of collaboration
    4. The 10 Essential Steps to Collaboration
    5. To offer wisdom from a global perspective by sharing the advice of collaborators.

After you read this book, I hope that together you and “we” will grow our insights and expertise by creating a movement and sharing our ideas and stories with others online and in person. See the appendix for further information about this and other highlights of the book.

“Things will get a lot worse before they get better” is a too-often-heard phrase in business, not for profits and government. I have written this book  as an antidote.

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David B Savage

David B Savage